Pasha Yuen

Medical Scientist

A dedicated scientist graduated from the University of Birmingham with a first class honours in
MSci Biochemistry, specialised in cancer, genetics and biomedical studies. My passion in drug discovery and clinical development bloomed during my undergraduate studies. Whilst working on a drug discovery project, I have built basic understandings on the journey of developing a cancer treatment, from compound screening to clinical trials. Following on that, I chose to work on the topic “Targeting Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase in Cancer” as my literature review project, allowing me to do independent readings on the current advancement in developing SHP2 inhibitors.
My final year research project focused on transcription-related genome instability, providing me the opportunity to explore the story behind gene regulation and cancer. The time in the lab was both delightful and dreadful, which includes observing beautiful antibodies staining under the microscope, learning new techniques under research fellow’s supervision, spinning my chair whilst waiting for incubation and crying over cells contamination.
I am always fascinated by the pathology of cancer, that our own cells have become our enemies. Therefore, I am eager to learn more in oncology and ways to combat against them. This paves my way to jump into the drug development industry and joining Pharmora in 2023. Since onboarding, I have explored various area in the clinical development industry, such as preclinical studies, planning of clinical trials, regulations, medical affairs and pharmacovigilance. I have also received trainings on medical writing, data review and physiology, which prepared me to complete client deliverables to a high standard.
Outside of work, I enjoy cooking and playing the violin as a form of relaxation. I also like physical activities such as Taekwondo and to go on Pokemon Go adventures around local areas, embracing the thrill of exploration with friends and family.