By Hannah Kerfoot

After some time off over the festive period, the Pharmora team was already hard at work in January. To liven up the month and celebrate the New Year, we decided to take a trip down the road to our old digs at Charles Roe House to sample the cuisine of Lilac Cottage, a Mediterranean-style tapas restaurant, and the drinks of Chestergate bar Amazonia. The team donned their glad rags and we all set off to ‘a few doors down’.

After a celebratory round of drinks to start off the evening, with an aborted round of Uno, we headed upstairs for the dinner party.

Taking up almost the whole of the top floor due to our expanding team size, we enjoyed a mixture of foods (dietary restrictions accounted for) from pitta and hummus to fried calamari. We had learnt after our last social outing – where we were awash with extra food and leftovers – to order just the right amount for us all, and there was a wide selection to choose from. Dishes were handed up and down the table and swapped amongst employees to ensure everyone had something that was to their tastes.

After our appetites were satisfied, we moved on to the gameshow portion of the night, hosted by our Managing Director, Ian. Highlights of the quiz were the ‘Cheese or Service Station?’ round followed up with ‘Is this a real or a fake law?’. It resulted in all of us being surprised that killing a swan wasn’t treason and that handling salmon ‘under suspicious circumstances’ was illegal.

The victors of the quiz were Sheila, Swetha and Kezia – dubbed ‘the Incredibles’. They won the quiz even being one-woman-down in the second half, a very commendable feat since there was such enthusiastic competition from the rest of the team.

Once we’d finished celebrating, we moved back downstairs to let the next group enjoy the offerings of food, and bid each other goodnight.