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We support clinical research to commercialise products.  Our recent case studies focusing on this topic can be found here.

Pharmora provides assured, outsourced, global medical review services for clinical development, filing and safety surveillance of medical products, from the first clinical trials to ongoing commercialisation. Click here to find our how Pharmora could help you.

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What makes us different? Pharmora’s unique Assured Service

Pharmora provides a unique Assured Service which means that, each time we provide our services, our clients benefit from the wealth of expertise within Pharmora, and not just from the skill and experience of the individual(s) nominated to provide that service.

Experienced medics and scientists support and train our Medical Department staff that we assign to client deliverables. This means that we can offer a competative rate for a high quality level of service, including input and oversight from our CMO.

Please see our testimonials section to see what our clients have to say about Pharmora’s Assured Service.

How can we achieve this?

There is an ethos of shared learning within the Pharmora Medical Department, so that our team members benefit from the support of more experienced colleagues. Training, supervision and mentoring are provided by senior members of the team, including our Chief Medical Officer, who is a highly experienced pharmaceutical physician with deep expertise across patient safety and clinical development from decades of experience.

How does it work in practice?

Nominated and approved individuals provide defined services to our clients.

To ensure the best match, one of our medical team discusses the scope of the project and clarify the client’s exact requirements. We then select our most suitable candidate(s) for the delivery of this service. The client may elect to speak with our nominated candidate themselves before deciding whether to go ahead or they may be happy for Pharmora to provide a complete solution without further meetings.


No time is wasted by the client up-skilling our staff.

Nominated individuals will be medics and/or scientists with the appropriate qualifications and skills to carry out the service. Any general training will be provided by Pharmora. If the client mandates any project or organisation specific knowledge or compliance training, then this is all that needs to be provided by the client.

Contract and payment

The contract will be based on the scope of work, which will only commence once this scope is approved by the client.

We closely monitor the deliverables and milestones achieved throughout the project and charge for agreed outputs. Regular reports of these outputs and any variations to budget can be sent to the client, and such arrangements can be established any time during a service provision.

Contact person and Substitution

Our clients are provided with a key Pharmora contact so that they can always get in touch if they have any questions throughout the project. If the client is not completely satisfied with a nominated individual, or if an unplanned life event compromise our staff’s ability to deliver services to the highest standards, Pharmora will willingly substitute another suitably qualified person to deliver the services. Pharmora would facilitate a smooth transition to the new nominated individual in such circumstances, with any handover time and associated cost between the two people being fully covered by Pharmora.

Click below to read some case studies to find out more or visit our testimonials page to hear from some of our clients.

Pharmora offers an assured service. This means that any training needs of our staff working in a direct client-facing role are addressed within Pharmora and a senior member of the team will review any work from a junior member of the team before it is released to the client. Pharmora carefully selects all of its staff and only employs those who pass a stringent set of assessments and interviews. All Pharmora Associates are trained in-house by the Pharmora Chief Medical Officer, who provides ongoing support and mentoring to them during each placement.

Our Directors


Chief Medical Officer, CEO and Founder

Ian Pinches BA (Hons) CPFA

Managing Director

Core Team

John O'Brien

Principal Scientist, Senior Manager

Dr Sarah Taylor

Senior Manager

Nigel Eastmond

Principal Scientist

Janet Jepras​

Principal Scientist

Emma Boaden

Senior Scientist

Sheila Halder

Senior Scientist

Tom C Botham

Senior Scientist

Angela Gibson-White

Senior Scientist


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