Local And Global Environmental Responsibility

At Pharmora, we strongly believe in adopting sustainable business practices.  In 2023 we have been awarded Silver medal by Ecovadis for sustainability based  on our practices and initiatives. We try to ensure we are doing everything we can to promote sustainable operations and to prevent local and global environmental damage.

Please read on to learn how Pharmora practices sustainability!


Our Sustainability Initiatives – Local and Global


Building an Eco-friendly Workplace – Local

As Pharmora is a remote location service provider, it was a considerable challenge to achieve the SBTi target of a 42% reduction in our emissions, per our commitment to the Paris Agreement. Particularly as we worked hard to minimise our emissions in advance of our baseline year of 2022. However, upon reviewing our energy supplier with our landlord, Pharmora managed to successfully persuade the landlord to change to a completely renewable energy (RE) supplier for our entire shared office space, positively impacting all the other tenants in the building. Additionally, after further discussions, the landlord has agreed to install motion sensor LED lights to avoid unnecessary energy wastage after working hours. We also have installed a pressurised instant boiling water tap that saves energy compared to a kettle, and we have a number of plants and plant-walls within our office.

EPEAT Certified Equipment – Global

We have committed to purchasing IT equipment that is EPEAT certified (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), ensuring that IT products purchased by Pharmora meet targets relating to environmental performance criteria as outlined by the Global Electronics Council. 

Recycling Commitments – Local and Global

As our building waste collection only accepts cardboard recycling, we collect all general recycling for processing at the end of the week. We also have an initiative to recycle furniture, and so avoid landfill. We only buy eco-friendly bathroom supplies, tissues and cleaning products for office usage.

Sustainable Staff Schemes – Local

At Pharmora, we have access to an electric car scheme providing a growing number of staff with zero-emission vehicles. There is also a sustainable staff clothing scheme beginning in 2023 that provides staff with an allowance to purchase quality sustainable clothing items. This contributes towards their wellbeing and encourages them to avoid fast-fashion items that can be more harmful to the environment. All Pharmora staff are encouraged to move within walking or cycling distance, wherever possible, to reduce emissions from commuting. Currently 45% of our staff walk or cycle to work and 90% live within a 15 minute commute.

Give-back Initiatives – Local

Pharmora has ventured as a team to litter-pick the local area, even being joined by our suppliers in this endevour.  We regularly review our suppliers’ sustainability goals. This year, we are supporting a ‘fill-a-shoebox’ initiative to help provide those in need with simple but essential items.

Awards and Commitments – Global

Pharmora has achieved a Silver Medal Award from Ecovadis, and we are on-track to meet our Science Based Targets Initiative (including the requirements of the Paris Agreement).  We are also complying with CDP (our CDP score will be received in 2024).

In Q4 2023, we have been requested to provide a Key Note Speaker for a major client’s Sustainability Conference so that we can present our Sustainability Journey. 


Why is Sustainability so Important?

At Pharmora we understand the importance of preserving the climate and ecosystems of the Earth. Having seen the rising global temperatures and environmental damage already being caused, we believe all businesses should be trying to adopt sustainable working methods and so fight climate change together. 

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