by Elizabeth Iwuamadi

The BioNow career fair, held on the 14th of March 2024, aimed to inform university undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates about the vast array of career paths available in Life Sciences and opportunities across the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical sectors.

During the discussion, I had only a limited time slot, just enough time for me to give prospective jobseekers insight into:

  • the company (family-owned business of around 35 team members)
  • our structure (provides assured outsourced global medical services to support the clinical development, patient safety and medical review of investigational and medicinal products, throughout the product lifecycle)
  • our values (Integrity, Diligence, Respect, Boxless, Get it Done, Assured). Our company’s core value is Integrity as all the values rest upon this.

During my presentation slot, I also wanted to show soon-to-be graduates what a “day in the life of a medical scientist” was like at Pharmora. Here, I elucidated my educational background, career journey and the positive aspects of my role. For example, this role has provided me with the opportunity to learn and contribute tangibly to clinical research and so far, I have worked with several clinical studies (including oncology, vaccine, and immune therapies).

I also have actively supported clinical development activities for medicinal products that have now received licensing authorisation in multiple countries. I believe it makes such a difference to see that you are part of an effort that impacts the lives of patients at both national and global levels.

Some questions posed by the audience included:

  • Is the nature of my work lab based? Do we accept individuals into the team with a background in Microbiology?

My answer:  our team comprises of a wide mix of degrees, and although not a lab-based position, the role offered from a range of experience could help in the roles at Pharmora. The Pharmora team is comprised of physicians and scientists with diverse knowledge and experience, united by a shared passion for improving global health and contributing to clinical research.

  • What are the tips or advice to give someone who is job hunting?

My answer: Take advantage of networking opportunities in professional platforms such as LinkedIn (build your professional profile and do not be afraid to approach people!). Regardless of the stage of your career, it is good practice to keep track of the skills accumulated overtime as this could help to identify transferrable skills in areas of interest.

  • Questions about diversity in the workplace?

My answer: Pharmora is a diverse workplace with individuals of different social and ethnic backgrounds. Presently, the demographic of the office is 75% women and Pharmora is a majority female-owned organisation.

  • Do we offer apprenticeships?

My answer: We don’t currently offer apprenticeships but Pharmora is a learning education provider and we plan to offer this path in the future.

The take home point that I wanted people to understand is that “the impact of our work extends far beyond the confines of our office walls”. By ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products, we contribute to the wellbeing of patients worldwide, enhancing public health outcomes and fostering trust in the healthcare system.