After great work through some busy periods from all the Pharmora team, it felt time to get everybody out the office to unwind, and the arrival of Agatha Christie’s thrilling murder mystery ‘The Mousetrap’ at Buxton theatre couldn’t have been a better excuse to do so.

Following a hasty clothing change, the team split up into their car-shares to journey through the hills and towards their best guesses at discovering who would be the revealed murderer. The play, first performed in 1952 in London’s West End, enjoys an aura of secrecy around the big reveal, and thusly not one team member could admit they’d had the ending spoiled before we went into the show.

Before beginning, however, the team enjoyed a meal together at the Tex-Mex restaurant ‘The Lone Star’. A lovely array of food was made ironically intimidating when plate after plate came pouring out the kitchen- even the hungriest employees finding themselves lost among towers of tacos and successive steak slithers. Fortunately, there were take-out boxes, and the Pharmora team ventured forward for the show, fighting off the urge to enter a food-coma.

At the interval, many guesses were made but unfortunately no-one correctly predicted the killer. As the show came to an end the surprise reveal was perhaps a testament to Agatha Christie’s genius playwriting, or, as one of us argued, “another contrived twist that doesn’t make sense”. As the evening came to an end the team departed back home and were sworn to secrecy from the ‘unlucky’ members who had missed the show while on annual leave, and while I can’t be sure, I strongly predict that nobody went home hungry…