Amy Bonsall

Medical Scientist

I hold a MBio in Bioveterinary Science (1:1). This was an integrated course where I completed the Bachelor of Science (with Hons) and Master of Biosciences together, for a seamless transition into postgraduate research. I elected to study biomedical science modules such as Immunology, Pharmacology and Toxicology, and 21st Century Medicine to provide a more cohesive overview of medicine and pharmacology, rather than focusing on veterinary science alone. My dissertation focused on antimicrobial resistance within the home, and its impact on One Health.
Prior to university, I worked in the aerospace industry, creating ducting and pressure systems by hand. In my spare time, I participate in gymnastic-dance classes and enjoy going on walks in the countryside.
I have spent my time at Pharmora reviewing essential clinical trial data, including laboratory listings, patient profiles and safety narratives, to support the Pharmora assured service model.