Swetha S Babu

Medical Scientist

A motivated, calm and passionate Scientist.  Being new to the pharmaceutical industry, I am observant and always curious to learn more about the field. Upon graduating from the University of Kerala, India with a Bachelors in Biochemistry with Industrial Microbiology and a Masters in Forensic Science from Northumbria University, Newcastle, I ventured into environmental sciences, working as an organic laboratory technician, helping me understand the inner workings of a commercial laboratory, gaining valuable experience in the process, while working under pressure for long hours. My past experience in India, working as the Secretary of a charitable organization for over three years, overseeing a group of 100 junior volunteers, while receiving the award for the Best Social Worker (2019) across 250 units, making me a good fit to work with people from various backgrounds and being attentive to their needs, always maintaining a positive and friendly attitude, with critical decision-making on a large scale. I also had the opportunity to work as a Project Research Intern for a major Biotechnology R&D centre in India, further honing my passion and dedication for research which motivated me to publish two research papers online.

My education specifically has helped me gain knowledge about various diseases at a clinical level, also helping me develop a critical eye for things and my knowledge in toxicology is also something I will take with me going forward.

Some of my past time activities include travelling, dancing and writing poetry.