By Hannah Kerfoot

Earth Day is an annual awareness day for planet earth and its natural ecosystems and sustainability, which was started back in 1970. Since its inception, the event has only grown, and now some refer to the whole month of April as Earth Month. Many people take this as an opportunity to focus on the environment during the run-up to the day itself, perhaps by planting trees or recycling more rubbish. This year it was on Monday the 22nd of April, and Pharmora has been thinking about its ecological impact as the day itself approached. At Pharmora, we take sustainability seriously, having been the silver medal holder for sustainability by Ecovadis in 2023 (see the sustainability section of our website here). Earth Day is a great way to raise awareness for the environment and the issues our planet is facing due to human behaviour.

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Planet v Plastics’, a theme in which Pharmora has already been helping to tackle.
From our strict recycling policy, to replacing the old halogen lights to motion-sensor environmentally friendly LEDs, to the Pharmora litter pick event (find out more here), Pharmora is committed to helping the planet wherever possible. 

Some of the highlights from the litter-picking event were a DVD copy of Final Destination 2, a calculator and an empty suitcase. Added to this were the many large bags the Pharmora team filled with rubbish picked off the streets of Macclesfield.

Earth Day fell on a Monday, which coincided with one of the regular Pharmora office meetings. Pharmora celebrated the day in this meeting, as well as hosting a mini-forum to encourage staff members to share any ideas they might have about ways Pharmora could improve and make suggestions for future events Pharmora could hold in aid of the environment.