The Pharmacovigilance Europe Congress has decided to hold the 11th Pharmacovigilance Europe Conference in London on 15th and 16th May 2024. 

This is exciting news as our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephanie Jones, will be taking part in the conference!

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from our expert CMO in person. Dr. Jones will be a panel member for two discussions: “The Benefits and Challenges of PV Outsourcing”, where she will be emphasising the value of patient safety throughout the product life cycle, drawing on Pharmora’s recent experiences, including how safety helped to save a clinical trial; and “Global Harmonization of Pharmacovigilance Regulations: Progress and Roadblocks”.  Dr Jones will have just returned from a conference on the regulation of AI in Pharmacovigilance and will be able to provide any relevant insights from those discussions.

This year’s theme is “Synergies in Safeguarding Health: Unveiling the Future of Pharmacovigilance”. The theme of synergy and cooperation seems fitting in a time when global communication is so accessible, and patient safety extends across borders with reports coming in from multiple sources within any country.  

The conference will have attendees including pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry pioneers, who will be able to inform the audience about the latest information and developments. Additionally, members of clinical research organisations will be attending, who will be speaking on topics such as pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, risk management and clinical trials.  

As well as this, there will be ample opportunity to network and interact with industry experts, like Dr. Jones and Pharmora Principal Scientist, John O’Brien, as well as being able to ask your own questions in the speak out and panel discussion sessions.  


To find out more, please follow this link.