This year Pharmora took part in the Samaritans’ ‘Big Shoebox Challenge’, a Yuletide initiative that encourages people to fill shoeboxes with essential items for children in need. Suggested and coordinated by one of our skilled medical scientists, Kezia Karunwi, members of the team were encouraged to donate toys, school supplies, and other gifts, in the hope that as many children as possible could experience the joy that so many take for granted at Christmas time. The gifts began piling up over a few weeks, and upon packing the shoeboxes, the team were proud and delighted by how many gifts had made their way into the appeal.

The Samaritans list the current total of gifts donated as over 16,000 and encourage a small donation of around £5 per shoebox to go alongside the gifts and cover project costs; a donation that size can cover the collection, processing, shipment and training needed to get the box safely to its destination. Pharmora staff will now have the option also to track their shoeboxes using the Samaritans system and discover where exactly their charitable donations will end up. For more information on the appeal and how you could get involved visit the Samaritans page at

At Pharmora we believe strongly in giving back, so we are hugely appreciative of Kezia and the team’s contribution to this project. We have worked this year to ramp up our give-back initiatives and will continue to do so in 2024 with the continued support from such a generous team. Merry Christmas from Pharmora!