Kezia Karunwi

Medical Scientist

A tenacious and enthusiastic scientist who graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Masters in Cancer Sciences and Bachelors in Biochemistry. My passion for clinical trial research emerged from my exposure to oncology trials in my taught modules; specifically a passion for improving the safety and ethical rights of a patient during a clinical trial. This led me to pursue a career in pharmacovigilance, joining the Pharmora team as a Scientist in March 2023.

Since joining Pharmora, I have been involved in both client teams and inhouse teams. I have had the opportunity to assist the team in data review of a wide range of essential trial documents such as the Global Physician Report (GPR), Blinded Data Review (BDR), patient profiles and safety narratives.

My long-term goal in clinical trial research is to develop awareness and trust in developing countries to ensure ethnic minorities are proportionally represented when collecting data for new therapies.

Outside of my 9 to 5, I enjoy writing and performing poetry- bridging the gap between the worlds of STEM and creativity. I am also a plant parent and spend my free time playing piano, reading and knitting.