Sri Boddu

Medical Scientist

I have a Master’s degree in Pharmacy, specialised in Pharmacology. I have a strong background in Pharmacovigilance with over 8 years of experience working in patient safety in India. In my previous role, my responsibilities included managing signal management activities including maintaining calendar, review of detection and validation reports, drafting of assessment reports and health authority requests, conducting safety review and quality review meetings, preparation of monthly compliance report and performance indicators and overseeing all the trackers related to signal management activities. Due to my keen interest, I also gained knowledge on PSURs (periodic safety update reports) and configuration of products in the company database (ARGUS).

Since joining Pharmora Solutions I have built on my safety expertise and enjoyed training in clinical development skills, including CSR safety narratives, review of ongoing clinical trial data such as laboratory listings and other data outputs, RECIST, and review of blinded TFLs (tables, figures and listings). I have supported the assured service delivery model by providing my input into review of clinical trial data including listings and patient profiles, assessing responses to data queries, analysing literature search outputs and reviewing programmed CSR safety narratives, to facilitate Pharmora colleagues in meeting tight deadlines.

As a drug safety professional, I understand the value of drug safety and its impact on patients’ health. I am now gaining insight into the details of clinical trials and the impact of efficacy of the trial on marketing authorisation for new drugs and the importance of the patient data.

I am looking forward to contributing skills from my previous experience and gaining more knowledge in the clinical development of investigational products. And looking forward to sharing this knowledge with my colleagues.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking, gardening, and spending time with my family.