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Pharmora provides professional services throughout the full lifecycle of clinical development and safety, having expertise across all phases and requirements.

We have individuals and teams to provide flexible and dedicated assured resources, at your convenience. 

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We were awarded a Silver Medal for sustainability by Ecovadis in 2023.

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Our services

Pharmora provides specialist expertise, training and leadership to support the clinical development and pharmacovigilance of medicinal or investigational products.

Clinical Development

Pharmora can provide medical and scientist expertise to support your clinical development projects at all phases and through regulatory submission to approval.

Patient Safety

Pharmora was built on a foundation of safety expertise throughout the product life cycle.

Flexible Resource

Pharmora medics and scientists can support your projects by working seamlessly within your team, providing an assured service supported by the Pharmora team.

Training and more

Pharmora runs training courses on key skills and can provide bespoke training packages depending on your needs.

Where are you in your product life cycle?


Early clinical development

Phase II-III clinical

NDA / MAA submission

Life cycle


Early clinical development

Phase II-III clinical development

NDA / MAA submission

Life cycle

'Splendid Turn-Around'

‘“Two Pharmora Medical Scientists slotted seamlessly into the clinical team, already trained on a complicated protocol for a phase III registrational oncology trial in patients with resectable lung cancer. They were able, from the first day, to get straight on with patient profile reviews for an important database lock of event free survival. Within 2 months, they had helped turn-around a precarious, uncertain situation to allow us to meet our planned timelines. A splendid execution from two of Pharmora’s Medical Scientists, who are now sought after by another study team within our organisation.’

Clinical Development Scientist
Senior Director


'100% reliable'

“I have worked with Stephanie {Pharmora’s CMO} for 15 years in pharmacovigilance, at the start of her PV career at Abbott and since then Stephanie and I have worked on multiple projects and pieces of work as a consultant.

She is 100% reliable and delivers items on time to the required quality. In addition Stephanie has a great ability to reach people across many cultures and languages. In terms of pharmacovigilance process areas Stephanie has all bases covered in her wide experience across local, regional and global process areas.

At a personal level I wouldn’t hesitate to commission additional work from Steph or collaborate on a project with her.”

Andrew Cooper,
Baxalta Associate Director Pharmacovigilance Asia / ANZ

'Critical Support When Needed'

‘I had the pleasure of working with a Pharmora Medical Scientist who joined the team at a critical moment when the study’s database lock and submission activities were imminent. His onboarding was swift and efficient. In his early weeks, he had significant contribution to DBL finalization and despite his very short presence in the study he was able to replace more experienced team members in data cleaning activities with very good understanding and quality. He has always been very eager in taking on new responsibilities, grasping every possibility to learn new skills and took over several study activities in time. Every task assigned he completed in a timely manner and with quality exceeding expectations. He was very soon able to work independently but remaining in good contact with the team.’

Global Medical Scientist Director, Clinical Development

Top Five Pharmaceutical Company

Our latest thinking

Bioinfect Conference – Key Notes

Bioinfect Conference – Key Notes

After attending the BioNow BioInfect conference in February, Pharmora have been inspired to create a series of blogs. This is the first summary blog to start the series, read on to learn more about the rising problem of Anti-Microbial Resistance and the scientists working to combat it.

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Bacteriophages: A Solution to Antimicrobial Resistance?

Bacteriophages: A Solution to Antimicrobial Resistance?

One of the most daunting challenges in medicine is the increase in antimicrobial resistance, threatening to unravel years of scientific progress. Bacteria have evolved to resist the once-reliable therapies researched by an uncountable number of academics worldwide.

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